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We have a wonderful in home Childcare and Preschool here at Foxglove Farm.   To arrange a visit to Foxglove Farm Children's Center or to visit Foxglove Farm; or for  registration details,  call 360 352-3790 or 360 352-7449 ( evenings/weekends )



An extraordinary place for children 

Life at Foxglove Farm

Foxglove Farm is an extraordinary place for children.  You will find a working hobby farm just beyond the children's play yard.  We have a  goats, lots of chickens, new ducks this year, turkeys,  pet bunnies, a frog pond, a beautiful pasture, and a woodlands, where wild bunnies, squirrels, hawks, and deer frequent.  Daily activities include the enjoyment and care of all our critters.  We are nestled in a charming little farm vally.  Our neighbors are wild geese, cows, and horses and lots of lovely old trees.

Foxglove Farm provides wholesome, organic, and locally grown meals.  The children will participate in food preparation, enjoying the smells, and textures, and tastes of what is home grown and home made.  We will have a children's garden, and occassionally the children will be able to pick fresh produce, fruit, and herbs. There are chickens on the farm and seasonl egg collecting, cooking, and eating them is part of the chicken raising fun.  You can expect flowers and pieces of nature on the table and decorating our space, that reflect the changing seasons.

The childcare facility at Foxglove Farm is actually it's own separate space, complete with kitchen, bathroom, play rooms, reading/resting room, and office.  Outside we have a safe, fenced, fabulous play yard.  There are climbing structures, a playhouse, swings, a slide, a sand box, a worm box, and flower and herb gardens.  Even in the play yard the children are close to nature and have the opportunity to touch and feel the earth with all it's smells, and colors, and texture. Outside time includes daily field trips to different parts of the farm.  Imagine a morning spent collecting pollywogs and exploring the fascinating world of pond life. 

Foxglove Farm  has a rich and varied program of busy and quiet time activity.   We offer lots of hands-on learning materials, group times , arts and crafts, songs,  games, stories,  puppet plays, and so much more.  Here at Foxglove Farm we create a world of peace and harmony full of joy, fun, and learning.  It is a place for listening deeply to the rhythms of nature, the seasons, and ourselves.

Knights, queens,  and Spring chicks!

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... and Fairies!  lots of fairies!